Selected woodcuts, linoleum cuts and other works from the artists' collection are reproduced on-demand as high-resolution prints. Pigmented inks on acid-free 100% 64 lb. cotton rag soft white paper give vibrant color and longevity (fade resistant 100-200 years). Each print is signed and dated by the artist, protected in glassine sleeves and shipped in rigid cardboard envelopes to ensure safe shipping. We ship USPS Priority mail to US. Because none of Keating’s originals conform to standard sizes, each image is placed on the page to feel most correct. For this reason an image size is provided after each paper size so you can get a visual sense of the border widths. Also bear in mind that appearance of color, tone and contrast will vary subtly from one computer device to another.

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Mayhem In The Kitchen
8.5x11 (image 7 5/8x10)= $60

5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

This picture is worth a thousand words for anyone who has ever worked or played in a kitchen feeling any degree of pressure. This is the print du jour and a home for the holiday favorite.
The original hand-colored linoleum print was made from three plates.

Coffe Pot

8.5x11 (image 6.75x4.75)= $60

8.5 x 5.5 CARD= $15

This print is offered in the
scale of the original linoleum print
which was made from three separate plates that are printed a bit askew from one another for added interest. The pot was found at a flea market and was probably the result of a shop project in the 1960's. It lives in Marilyn's kitchen.

Royal Typewriter8.5x11 (image 8.5x11)= $60
5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

While perusing through many years of prints involving flora and fauna, we happened upon this large linoleum cut print on Japanese chiri paper of a typewriter. Only one other original print exists. Marilyn has been known to stockpile old typewriters in the attic. These prints were originally intended to be parts for a larger artwork that may still happen now that the image has been rediscovered. All you writers and non-writers alike, does this not pluck your nostalgia heartstrings?

'Til Death Do Us In
8.5x11 (image 8 3/4x7 1/2)= $60
8.5 x 5.5 CARD= $15

This linoleum cut reproduction was created as an homage to very long lasting lovers and was partially inspired by ‘The Lovers’, two skeletons embracing on display at The University of Penn Museum that were discovered at Hasanlu, an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley.

Catch Of The Day8.5x11 (image 5.25x7.5)= $60
5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

This lovely small woodcut is one of several dedicated to Marilyn's passion for all things boats, water and the living and non-living things that go with that scenery. It appears that the catch of this day was a bluefish.

8.5x11 (image 7.5x9.25)= $60
5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

Beans is a little dog with very unfortunate teeth marked by crookedness and a pronounced under bite. We met her many years ago in the Florida Keys. Her maw made her look viscious despite her very sweet disposition.

Jersey Devil

8.5x11 (image 7.5x10)= $60

5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

Marilyn is an avid canoeist. She has designed and fabricated many paddles.
The most ambitious one was a Jersey Devil Paddle. Despite the fact that it is a gorgeous object, it proved ineffective on the water. Some scanning and some tweaks makes it a magnificent print.


8.5x11 (image 7.5x10)= $60

5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

LuLu is a tortoise shell cat with a propensity to stick out her little pink tongue, especially during belly rubs. We adopted her from her first owner who called her "Loosley Wrapped" due to her peculiar behaviors like eating plastic bags. When Elly the dog moved in, LuLu took to hiding in an elevated box during the day and coming out warily at night. At age 19 she now rules a household of 2 humans and 3 cats in Tucson, Az. With one foot on a banana peel, LuLu is a lesson in perseverance.


8.5x11 (image 7x10) = $60

5.5x8.5 CARD= $15

In this print, the incident of a baby sparrow falling from the nest is depicted in a somewhat detached way, maybe suggesting that the bird might have been too active for its own good.  The sparrow is shown on its back with a crushed beak, broken wings and a brush of blood-like pink on its chest.  Lines radiate out from the bird suggesting both the impact of the fall and the eventual disappearance of the corpse as it is carried off, bit by bit, by flies and other insects.  The prominent image of the fly, framed in the upper left hand corner, indicates its significant role in cleaning up scenes of violence in the natural world.